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The Merritt Funeral Home, Smithville, Ontario was established in 1921 and at the present location in 1926 as a family funeral home with a commitment to assisting families during one of the most difficult times of their lives.  Today, in its fourth generation as a family owned independent funeral home, we continue that tradition with the greatest of care, compassion and attention.

Whether you are planning or prepaying a funeral, or have an immediate need, we are pleased to offer you a wide selection of funeral services.  Just as you or your loved one is unique, so too are the steps in making the arrangements for this final part of life.  We believe everyone should be informed of the variety of funeral services we offer.  And, equally important, how we can help you to personalize and memorialize the funeral service.  This information may help to assist you with your decisions in choosing a funeral service that is personalized the way you want it to be, and able to meet your needs culturally, religiously and financially.

We are committed to helping you with planning and to providing you with the utmost in care, personal attention and professional service during the very difficult time of immediate need.  We are always available by telephone, and also to meet with you at a convenient time and help you with any questions you may have.


Tom C. Merritt
Managing Director



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